Timber Framed Houses

Timber framed houses are becoming a popular option for people who self build their own homes nowadays. These kinds of houses allow people to design their own homes but they can make the whole self build process much quicker and easier.

So, here you would buy what could be described as a ‘house kit’ which is a timber frame that will be used as the shell of your home. You can buy the kit and have it erected yourself or, as is often the case, you can have the company that supplies the timber frame erect it for you as well as supply the structure itself.

Some companies simply sell ‘off the shelf’ timber frames whilst others will work with you to construct a frame that meets your individual and personal design needs. Timber framed houses often work well from an environmentally friendly perspective and they are hard-wearing and practical.

The design of most timber framed houses also means that you can do as much or as little work on the frame as you like. Some people, for example, like to have the beams show through whilst others will arrange to have the frame clad in stone or another material once it has been erected.